Three lovely ladies with beautiful smiles, collectively known as The Divettes, have released the perfect carnival pop tune, “Soca Jumbie”. This is exactly ‘what it says on the tin’ (actually written on the CD Baby page) - “a hot & spicy, soulful & fiery Groovy Ragga Soca track”! Opening with…

If you love Reggae music, then you’ll love this song and if you love Adele, then you’ll love her even more!

This is my cover of the Adele classic ‘Rolling in the deep’ done in Reggae which features the delightful Vee Vee Cross on vocals. This gifted young University student, who’s vocal expertise diversifies right across all genres of music, was actually the inspiration behind me covering this song in Reggae, as she wanted to perform it at London’s premiere Live Reggae music night ‘Reggae in da city’… So it was asked of me if I could sketch out an idea to give to the house band. I gracefully accepted the offer and sought out the track on Youtube, as remarkably as it may sound I’d never heard the song before, although I was familiar with Adele.

I was completely blown away when I heard this monster of a track and wondered (even to this very day) how I could have missed it?…. After all; it was No.1!! Lol. Never mind, nothing before its time and so this is what I was inspired to come up with to compliment this lovely fresh vocal talent.

Weeks after finishing the track, I literally stumbled across Adele’s acapella mix of the song and thought I’d try her out on my backing track and hey presto… Born was the Adele Reggae remix version!
Right,.. enough of me waffling, have a listen and by all means share this link and please show some love and leave your comments if you’re feeling this version.

Thank you for your time

Introducing the delightful tones of the beautiful and gifted young songstress Ms Stacey Skeete. This simple down-to-earth self penned song was inspired.. (as the opening line states)… by a poster she saw on the side of a bus. This song entitled ‘God is real’ is honest in its delivery and conveys clarity in its intention and comes in defence of the statement and as a testimony to her faith. 
This song was originally arranged by Stacey and Mr Louis Vann Johnson and I’ve had the pleasure of performing it with them on numerous occasions where it has always been well received by her audiences. She is a pleasure to be around and to work with,..both in a Live setting and in the studio, so I considered it an honour to be recalled once again to record the Bass line I composed for it, this time under the guidance of Production master Mr David Brant of Vybrant Music.

Please relax and enjoy and feel free Like and leave comments on the track.

Thank you for your time